Transit Visa

Transit Visa

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1. Passport or travel documents with validity of not less than 6 months and its photocopy

2. Three visa application forms completely filled out in English

3. Three recent photographs of the applicant with white background (2 inches)

4. Fully-paid, confirmed air ticket to the third country and its photocopy

5. Fully-paid, confirmed hotel reservation and its copy (in case of overnight transit)

6. Visa of a third country in a passport or travel documents and its photocopy (if the third country visa is required)

7. Current bank statement with minimum balance of 2,000 RMB

8. A photocopy of Chinese residence permit (for foreigners)

9. Guarantee letter (in English or Thai) from the applicant’s local school, indicating the applicant’s name, position, purpose of travel and duration of proposed stay. The letter must include official letterhead of the company/school and affix with official seal

10. For Sport Activity: Letter of invitation stating the applicant’s participation in the Kingdom of Thailand


The applicant who has renewed passport within one year should bring the old passport when submit ting the application



    190 RMB per entry


    Travelers coming to Thailand with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period not exceeding 30 days.


    Those who wish to stay longer or may wish to change their type of visa must file an application for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau located at Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel +66-2141-9889 or at an immigration office located in the provinces (see: ). The extension of stay as well as the change of a certain type of visa is solely at the discretion of the Immigration Bureau.



- All payments of visa processing fees are non-refundable.

- The issuance of all types of visa is solely at the discretion of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu.

- Consular officers reserve the rights to request any additional documents or ask for an interview with the applicants.

- The applicants should submit the application form and relevant documents in person